Best 4 Dog Beds for German Shepherds (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

German Shepherds are intelligent dogs capable of hard work. They also make amazing companions but are prone to hereditary conditions like hip and elbow dysplasia that can develop into arthritis as they age.

A supportive dog bed made for larger breeds can make a big difference in your German Shepherd’s quality of life. Suitable dog beds for German Shepherds will ensure better sleep, comfort, and joint recovery for your dog after an active day or provide the support needed for an older dog in pain. So let’s get straight to the top four dog beds for German Shepherds .

Snuggly Sleeper

Best Value No products found. BarksBar’s orthopedic dog bed – Snuggle Sleeper- holds breeds up to 100+ pounds, perfect for medium to large German Shepherds up to 36 inches in length. This bed is made using grooved foam, with an extra comfortable cotton-padded rim for added head and neck support. It provides the ultimate sleep experience, especially for older dogs with joint and bone problems or arthritis.


If you’re searching for a dog bed with premium materials and excellent workmanship, this is a great choice. Materials include an ultra-soft quilted polyester cover and a 4-inch solid orthopedic foam base that reduces join pain to improve dogs’ overall health and mobility.

Unlike most dog beds that don’t stand up to wear and tear, this one is designed to last. It’s quilted design fits in nicely with home décor, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. The removable cover is machine washable. Removing hair and spot cleaning is a breeze. For extra foam protection, owners suggest placing a garbage bag or puppy pad under the cover. Needless to say, we give a big Paws up for this dog bed!

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FurHaven Quilted Orthopedic Sofa Pet Bed

Best for Arthritis/Joint issues No products found. FurHaven’s large orthopedic sofa-style pet bed is ideal for dogs with hereditary or age-related arthritis and joint issues. The three-bolster design allows dogs to sleep in a variety of different positions. The bolsters make great headrests or comfortable corners for dogs to burrow their heads into.


This bed is lined with a smooth, quilted fabric for optimum padded comfort and is designed to be easily accessible for elderly and disabled pets. The egg-crate orthopedic foam base is easy on joints and evenly distributes body weight to sooth pressure points. The foam is CertiPUR-US certified too, so you know it’s completely safe and free of harmful chemicals.

We love the many colors and patterns to choose from and there’s even an option for Frustration-Free Packaging! This bed is easy to clean, with a completely machine washable cover. One thing to keep in mind is that this bed is not made for dogs with teething behavior. If you have a chewer you may need something more durable.

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Super Value Dog Pet Bed Pillow by Majestic Pet

A Solid Choice No products found. Majestic Pet’s Super Value dog bed is made with premium materials and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. The bed is stuffed with a high loft polyester fill that’s both hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. In fact, the fill is made from 100% recycled materials! This bed is perfect for German Shepherds who are prone to allergies.


Reasonably priced and durable, this cotton bed is comfortable enough for dogs with joint and arthritis problems. A soft, supportive sleep surface means better recovery for your dog and therefore increased overall health and longevity, something we all want for our pets.

We love that this bed is designed and assembled in the USA, using imported materials, which guarantees that you’re getting only the highest quality. Another plus is that this entire dog bed is machine washable – and it comes in so many patterns and beautiful colors to choose from. Just wash in cold water on a gentle cycle (in an open drum washer without an agitator) and dry on low heat or air dry. Another paws up for this dog bed for your GSD furball!

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Friends Forever

Supportive Cushion No products found.

Last but not least on our  hit list is Friends Forever’s orthopedic dog bed is styled to look like a lounge sofa but comes with a 4-inch human-grade memory foam mattress for ultimate support and comfort. Designed with care and pets’ comfort as the main priority, this bed has a 100% suede removable cover and cushioned plush poly-fill bolster that is exceptionally comfortable.

Dogs with joint pain and arthritis will find that these bolsters ease head and neck pain, while the mattress provides great hip and bone support. This dog bed won’t sink to the ground like some others do, which makes it great for older dogs.

Other features that make this dog bed an excellent choice for German Shepherds include its water-resistant liner and removable machine washable cover with durable metal zippers. It also has a non-slip bottom, a fur and hair-resistant anti-tear cover, and is easy to put together. If you do have any issues, you’re covered by a limited 1-year warranty and the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. It comes in an XXL Jumbo size-  which is the perfect sized bed for your German Shepherd pup to rest their big ole head!

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What To Look For in a Dog Bed for a GSD?

What To Look For in A Dog Bed for A German Shepherd

Supportive Comfort

Supportive comfort is an essential when it comes to buying a bed for your GSD. German Shepherds are known for hereditary issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, joint issues that can lead to arthritis. A supportive bed will help ease any pain your dog may experience as a result of these issues.

Quality, dense filling or memory foam can ensure your dog stays elevated and provide relief to sore joints. A dog bed with bolsters for head and neck support is even better for large dogs to support better alignment of the head and neck.


Another thing to ask yourself when looking for a GSD bed is, “Is it washable?” German Shepherds are active, playful dogs. They’re bound to get dirty and they shed a lot, so you don’t want a bed that’s hard to clean.

Look for a washable dog bed that’s pet hair and stain resistant, ideally with a removable machine washable cover. Bonus if there’s a waterproof liner or barrier to keep the inside protected from spills or accidents.

Some dog beds are completely machine washable, but it’s important to make sure that they’re properly dried afterwards or you risk mold and/or allergen build-up.


One last thing that you want to consider in a bed for a GSD is material longevity and endurance. German Shepherds are large dogs with big paws, who like to play and chew. You don’t want to pay for an expensive orthopedic bed just to have it torn up in a few days or a week.

You may be able to get away with a less durable dog bed if you know your German Shepherd is not prone to chewing behavior, or if you have an older dog that’s less active.

Materials like nylon, heavy duty vinyl, and polyester are some durable options compared to materials cotton. To be safe, always try to get a dog bed that’s covered under a warranty so you can return it if there are any quality issues.

Final Verdict

Friends Forever’s orthopedic dog bed is our top choice of dog bed for a German Shepherd because it features the best of all these factors – and the excitement on you pooches face will be priceless – in our humble shepherd opinion! It’s waterproof liner and anti-tear/hair-resistant washable cover make it strong enough to handle all a German Shepherd can throw at it. Meanwhile, the human-grade memory foam mattress and bolsters make it comfortable enough to offer the head-to-toe joint support most GSDs need.

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