The 5 Best Priced Indestructible Dog Beds [2023 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

As loving dog owners, we want our furry friends to have the best. Sleeping on the floor just won’t do. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bed for your dog they’re bound to appreciate it, but make sure you get the right one or your dog might not even bother to use it.

The first thing you need to consider is your dog’s size and weight. The best way to measure your dog’s size for a bed is when they are sleeping so you get an accurate idea, then add 5 to 10 inches. Weight is important because bigger dogs will need more cushioning than smaller dogs.

Once you have that figured out, your next step is to decide what kind of dog bed your pet will be most comfortable in.

Featured Dog Beds

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Which Dog Bed Should I Buy?

Standard Mats: These are best for dogs who like to spread themselves out in a cozy open space.

A Tent Bed: These beds are like little caves, ideal for dogs who don’t like to sleep in the open. They are great for snuggling and making your dog feel protected.

Mattress Bed/Orthopedic Dogs Beds: Mattress beds are best for large dogs who like to sleep on their backs. These beds are great because they provide your dog spinal support while they sleep and are especially good for dogs with hip issues.

A Nesting Bed: These beds have heightened edges that are perfect for dogs who like to curl up and rest their head on something.

Elevated Dog Beds: Elevated beds are great for adult dogs with painful joints.  And they help keep your best friend comfy and cool when its’s hot outside, if the ground is damp, if there are ground dwelling bugs, etc.

Other things to keep in mind when buying a dog bed are the materials, whether your dog is a chewer, or if they have any special requirements that need to be met.


Quality dog beds aren’t cheap.  Even if you wanted to buy inexpensive dog beds, purchasing easily-torn dog beds will likely invite more of the same in terms of bed-ripping behavior, and that, in turn, can only lead to more and more messes (and if Fido thinks it’s OK to rip up his bed, he might start to get the idea that it’s OK to chew and rip up your beds and chewable belongings as well).

Then there’s the matter of your dog’s health.  For health reasons, neither the zippers that can accompany dog beds nor the material inside them are necessarily things you want your dog swallowing; as such if your dog continues to rip up his or her “regular” bed, it may well be time for a new or indestructible dog bed.

Below we compare the 5 best selling dog beds.

Oh, and we searched for the cheapest prices online, too!

Best Dog Bed on a Budget: Midwest Quiet Time Pet Bed Review

MidWest Quiet Time Deluxe Ombre Pet Bed

Dimensions: Ranges from 18″ to  48″
Fits dogs: Between 6 lbs. – 110 lbs.
Breed Sizes: From Small to Large Breeds
Material: Ultra-Soft Polyester and Tufted, Plush Polyfiber Cushion
Type: Mattress, Standard
Suits: Pet Crates, Pet Carriers, Indoors and Vehicles

Midwest’s Quiet Time dog bed is comfortable and made with soft, synthetic fur. This dog bed is offered in a total of seven sizes ranging from 18 to 48 inches. It also comes in three colors: grey, mocha, and coco chic. This dog bed is perfect for hardwood and tile floors since it has a non-slip grip on the bottom.

Not only is this bed 100% machine washable and easy to care for, it’ll look great in your home too. This crate’s ultra-soft polyester is durable and will last for years. It makes a great bed to put on the floor, in a crate, or take with you if you travel with your dog. If there’s a problem with this bed when you get it, there’s a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that will have you (and your dog) covered.

Dogs love this comfortable bed and for the price, so will you making it the most recommended budget-friendly indestructible dog bed. One of the only complaints that customers have made is that this bed might flatten out depending on the size of your dog. One big benefit that owners mention is that their large dogs can’t chew this bed to shreds like they did to other ones.

Best Elevated Indestructible Dog Bed: Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Review

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Bed Specification:

Dimensions: Ranges from 35″W x 22″L x 8″H  to 51″W x 31.5″L x 8″H
Fits dogs: Between 6 lbs. – 100 lbs.
Breed Sizes: Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Material: Stainless Steel
Type: Elevated
Suits: Indoors & Outdoors

The Coolaroo Elevated Dog Bed is a brand name dog bed with great reviews. If you have a pet that chews this is the best! It features a lightweight, powder coated steel frame that is extremely durable.

Coolaroo beds have a knitted mesh fabric great for keeping clean, you just hose it off with soap and water or bathe your pet right on the bed and it dries fast. We like that feature.

The knitted mesh fabric lets the bed breathe and that keeps mold and mildew from developing plus it deters flea and insect infestation. The fabric alone allows this bed for indoor and outdoor use, keeping your pet cooler in the summer and with it being raised, warmer in the winter, allowing your pet to stay off the cold floor.

The only drawback some reviewers found is that you would have to pull very hard as the fabric is very tight to go around frame however once assembled together it works very well for its purpose.

This raised bed comes in different sizes as well as different colors (green, nutmeg, grey and terracotta) and will fit the needs of medium to large dogs.

Best Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed for Large/X-Large Dogs: Go Pet Club Memory Bed Review

Best Memory Foam Bed
Go Pet Club Orthopedic Memory Foam Pet Bed

Dimensions: Ranges from 25″W x 20″L x 4″H to 55″W x 38″L x 4″H
Fits dogs: Between 6 lbs. – 150 lbs.
Breed Sizes: Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Material: 100% memory foam, 4” high and Suede
Type: Orthopedic, Mattress Bed
Suits: Indoors, Crates.

Go Pet Club’s Orthopedic Memory Foam Bed is offered in six different sizes from 25” W x 20” L to 55” W x 30” L. They’re all 4” tall similar to the foam used for human beds. In addition to different sizes you also have four different colors to choose from: brown, charcoal, denim, and khaki. Since this bed is made with 100% memory foam, it’s ideal for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or muscle and joint problems.

Some other reasons that this is a great dog bed are that it’s made using non-allergenic materials and will always keep its shape. No worrying about your dog’s bed flattening over time and providing them with less support. This bed is kept clean with two protective surfaces – one waterproof and one suede zippered cover, each with rubber non-slip bottoms.

Since this bed is 100% memory foam as opposed to a mix, it’s important to remember that when you take it out of the packing you’ll need to give the bed 24 hours on a flat surface to regain its original shape. Owners love this bed because it is easy to take care of and the memory foam is high quality for the price compared to similar beds on the market.

Best Comfortable Bagel Dog Bed- Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed Review 

Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed By Majestic Pet Products

Dimensions: Ranges from 24″W x 18″L x 7″H to 52″W x 36″L x 14″H
Fits dogs: Between 6 lbs. –  to 110 lbs.
Breed Sizes: Small/Toy Breeds, Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Material: Poly / Cotton twill, Sherpa center (Exterior) and Premium High Loft Polyester Fil (Filling)
Type: Nesting
Suits: Indoors

Majestic Pet’s Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed is available from 24 up to 52 inches and there are six different colour choices: black, blue, burgundy, green, khaki, and red. The bed is bordered by a 6-foot-tall cushion that is great for your dog to curl up in or rest its head on, which is good for your dog’s spinal alignment.

Need more reasons to love this dog bed? There are many! The bottom of the bed is made using waterproof 300/600 Denier to help keep your dog’s bed protected from accidents or spills. The inside is stuffed with Premium High Loft Polyester Fill and the bed is 100% machine washable for ultimate convenience. Just remember to warm wash and tumble dry on low heat to ensure that your dog’s bed lasts as long as possible.

Dog owners love this Bagel bed because it is made in the USA, guaranteeing that you’re getting only the best quality. The only complaints about this bed is that the bigger ones are harder to fit in the washing machine and it attracts a lot of dog hair. Satisfied customers have said that this bed exceeded their expectations and their dogs love it.

Best Orthopedic Sofa Couch for Multiple Dogs: PetFusion Ultimate Memory Dog Bed Review

PetFusion Ultimate Solid 4″ Memory Dog Bed for Medium and Large Dogs

Dimensions: Ranges from 25″W x 20″L x 5.5″H to 50″W x 40″L x 13″H
Fits dogs: Between 6 lbs – 200 lbs.
Breed Sizes: Medium Breeds, Large Breeds
Material: 4″ Memory Foam, Polyester (65%) & Cotton (35%) 
Type: Sofa couch
Suits: Indoors

PetFusion Ultimate Pet Bed and Lounge is available in five sizes and two colours, brown and slate grey. It’s made with solid memory foam to provide your dog with comfort and support. If you want to ensure your dog’s long-term health, energy, and mobility, memory foam is a great choice.  

Memory foam dog beds are especially helpful for dogs with arthritis and joint problems. What else is there to love about this bed? It has a comfortable base and bolsters to support your dog’s head. This bed will look great in your living space, plus it has a water and tear resistant cover with a non-skid bottom. The perfect balance of convenience and durability for you and luxury for your beloved pet. 

Owners love this dog bed because it’s easy to put together and great for larger breed dogs that tend to flatten other beds fast. As with any type of memory foam it will smell at first when you unpack it, but the smell does dissipate over time. This bed is very durable and comes with a one-year warranty that covers any defects.

Why Do Dogs Chew Up Their Beds?

Shredded dog bed

We all love our pets.  They’re the ones who greet us after a hard day’s work with a joyous bark, unconditional love and affection—and, sadly, sometimes a big mess of torn fabric and cotton all askew in a Ground Zero that was once the site of their bed.

What is it that turns your dog from a loveable Lassie into The Hound of the Baskervilles where beds and bite marks are concerned?

There can be many reasons for why your dog is tearing up their bed.

It could be that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise, or that they’re bored.  Pent up amounts of energy, excitement or frustration can lead to outbursts of chewing and bed-tearing.  To alleviate some of this energy, letting your dog out of the house more frequently or taking him or her on more walks can be a good first step.

Fear or emotional distress could be another reason. If this is the case, you might need to consult a behavioral specialist.  There’s always the possibility that, as a puppy, your dog was never taught not to chew.  If that’s the case, some dog training for your pet might be the best thing, and such a course of training is available in different kind of Ebooks.

Which Dog Bed is Best for my Dog?

Finding the right bed for your dog can take some trial and error. There’s a good chance that you’ve already tried other dog beds that your furry friend either chewed to pieces, lost interest in them, or never wanted to sleep in them in the first place.  

If you’re lucky, you’re reading this before spending money on various dog beds. If that’s the case, now you’ll have the knowledge you need to buy the perfect bed on the first attempt right here on this list.

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