The Best Dog House – 2023 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend and it’s true – we love our furry friends a lot, don’t we? Taking good care of your dog involves making sure they have everything they need to be safe, happy, and healthy.

If your dog is primarily an outdoor dog, that means getting them a dog house. A dog house provides a safe spot for your dog to sleep, eat, and hide from the elements when needed.

Finding the right house for your dog depends on a few different factors, like how big your dog is and where you’re located. Things like the type of weather you get can influence what materials will last the longest and keep your dog as comfortable as possible.

Dog House Types

Wooden Dog Houses

Wooden dog houses are popular because they’re affordable and aesthetically pleasing, but they need to be properly taken care of if you want them to last. If you’re going to get a wooden dog house make sure the wood that’s used is decay resistant.

Plastic Dog Houses

Plastic dog houses are great because like wooden dog houses they’re quite affordable. In addition, plastic is lightweight and easy to clean but it isn’t usually as well-insulated as wood.

Metal (Wire) Dog Houses

Metal dog houses are a little less common but they have some unique benefits. They’re very sturdy, don’t rot and are heavily insulated – great for places with more extreme weather conditions.

Reviews of the Best Dog Houses for Your Pet

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at some of the most popular dog houses currently available in the market. These are some of the best dog houses out there, some of them we have selected for durability, performance and insulation, some for their price and others based on aesthetics.

What is certain is that a quality dog house is a must for pets that will spend at least several hours a day outdoors exposed to the elements.

For concerned pet parents, we are certain that no matter which dog kennel you choose: these dog house options will help keep your canine friend happy and maximize his time outdoors.

Suncast Large Dog House DH350 Review – Best Extra Large Dog House


See Suncast DH350 Dog House at Amazon

Suncast DH350 Dog House measures 33” W x 38-1/2” D x 32” H and is perfect for dogs who weigh up to 100 pounds. Assembly is easy – just snap the pieces together and it’s good to go! This dog house is cute (it looks like a little house with a roof, door, and faux windows). It even comes with letters to personalize your pet’s name on the dog house.

Owners enjoy this dog house because it’s easy to put together alone and it’s quite durable for the price. It’s good for all seasons and can even be taken apart and put back together in the case of a move.

One of the biggest issues that customers who purchase this dog house noticed is that the flooring is a little thin. It may need to be insulated or set on top of bricks if you want the inside to stay dry and warm year-round. Overall, this is one of the sturdiest dog houses that’s lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to move around.

Here’s a great video of how easy it is to install the Suncast Dog House 250 Model a smaller version to our recommended DH350 Model which we are reviewing.


Petsfit Outdoor Dog House Review – Best Wooden Dog House


View Petsfit Dog House (Large) on Amazon

Petsfit outdoor dog house comes in three size, and two colors: light grey and red. The parts come with pre-drilled holes that make it super easy to put together, plus the roof can be opened and the floor removed for easy cleaning.

The available Petsfit dog house sizes are:

  • Large: 45.6″L x 30.9″W x 32.1″H with reinforced flooring for dogs up to 100 pounds.
  • Medium40.8″L x 26″W x 27.6″L for dogs up to 70 pounds.
  • Small33.7″L x 22.6″W x 22.9″H for dogs up to 50 pounds.

This all-seasons outdoor cedar-wood dog house is waterproof so you can rest assured that your dog is safe from sun, rain, and/or snow. The panel walls are 12mm thick, well-insulated, and made of cedar which is rot-resistant. This dog house has been tested and should last for approximately three years, but it’s not the best for destructive dogs or heavy chewers.

The larger sized dog house also comes with an insulation kit made out of a removable and washable canvas material, filled with EPE foam to help make the interior of the dog house warm and cozy in winter.

Owners love this dog house because it’s off the ground and keeps their dogs safe from the elements, with small gaps in the floor to allow for ventilation in warmer weather. Although some customers have experienced broken pieces with this dog house, the majority of dog owners who have bought and reviewed this product claim that it’s both durable and sturdy.

Here’s a quick and helpful video of how to assemble the larger sized dog house. Check out the special offer now on Amazon.


Petmate Indigo Dog House Review – Best Large Igloo Dog House


View Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban on Amazon

Petmate Indigo Dog House with Microban is available in sizes medium, large, and extra-large. It’s easy to assemble without using any tools. This all-weather dog house is heavy duty and uses Microban to help fight bacteria, mould, and mildew.

This igloo dog house is made in the USA, has a unique design with an extended doorway to block wind, rain, and snow, along with a ventilated roof to ensure proper air flow. Before purchasing this quality pet house, make sure that you choose the right size for your dog.

The available Petmate’s Igloo Indigo Dog Home size options are:

  • Medium: 37.5L x 30.5W x 22.8H in. for 25-50 lb. dogs
  • Large: 43.8L x 34W x 25.8H in. for 50-90 lb. dogs
  • Extra Large: 51.5L x 39.3W x 30H in. for 90-125 lb. dogs

Owners have mentioned that finding the right size for their dog was a little tricky (the guide above should help) but overall this top-of-the line igloo-shaped doghouse will help keep your dog dry, warm, and happy.

Pair with the Petmate Indigo Dog House Pad and the Petmate Indigo Dog House Door and your pet now has a home outside the home!

Watch this really helpful quick video of a pet parent introducing the large Igloo dog house to his Boxer pup.


Merry Products Wood Dog House Review – Best Small Dog House


View Merry Products Room with a View Dog House at Amazon

Merry Product’s Wood Pet Home is our top rated indoor/outdoor dog house with a balcony for smaller breed dogs. Easily assembled in approximately 20 minutes with the aid of a Phillips screwdriver. It’s made with kiln dried cedar to withstand humidity and extreme weather.

The size dimensions are:

  • External: 21W x 29D x 26H inches
  • Internal: 18W x 18D x 14H inches
  • Door Opening: 9W x 11H inches

Dog Size

  • Small 11 – 25 lbs.
  • Extra-Small 11 – 25 lbs. 1 – 10 lbs.

In addition to the main part of the dog house it has a balcony, latticework, and side steps. The top and bottom panels can be removed for easy cleaning. Dogs adore this house and so do owners and their guests! People love how cute and unique this dog house is, especially since it’s also functional and sturdy. 

One of the only complaints about this dog house is that the price is a little high. Some things that make this cute dog house ideal are the fact that it’s lightweight yet durable, meaning it can withstand outdoor weather conditions and be easily moved if needed. This dog house also has an elevated floor to keep your dog warm and dry.

We recommend this crate pad to fit this dog house for extra comfort and padding.

Don’t Rush It- Finding the best dog house takes time and research

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, you should make sure that they have a space of their own where they can go to escape the weather. Whether it’s the hot sun, snow, rain, or wind, you want to be sure your dog’s house is made with materials that can withstand the weather in your area.

Make sure that you measure your dog before making your purchases so you get them a dog house that’s big enough for them to stand up, turn around, and lay down in.

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